Zip Trench™ Polypropylene Trench Drains

The Zip Trench is a polypropylene trench drain available in 6” or 12” widths. The Zip Trench offers a less expensive, labor saving alternative to cast-in-place trench drains.

Easy Installation

The 9’10" length of the channels and built-in rebar anchors make installation fast and simple. Grates are not required during the pour and alignment clips keep your installation straight.

Extra Heavy Duty

Zip Trench has four grate choices with Class C and E load rating options. The polypropylene material is break-resistant, impermeable, and offers more chemical resistance than polyethylene used by competitors. It can also handle temperatures up to 180 degrees F.

Flexible System

With 16 channels (12 sloping and 4 neutral) from a depth of 7-9/16“ to 22-9/16”, Zip Trench allows for unparalleled flexibility with channels that can be run as long as needed.

Less Maintenance

Zip Trench’s deep rounded base keeps water moving at optimal efficiency. The faster movement of water keeps debris moving and reduces the frequency of servicing.

Traditional Cast-in-Place Trench vs.  Zip Trench™


  • Labor Intensive
  • Inexpensive Materials
  • Uses permeable concrete
  • Requires complicated wood framework

6” or 12” Zip Trench

  • 75% Less Labor*
  • Overall, 25% savings*
  • Polypropylene is 100% impermeable
  • Easy installation with male/female lap joints for speed
* Based on the costs associated with installing a 100ft section of Cast-in-Place Trench Drain compared to the same length using Smith 9960 Zip Trench. Cast-in-Place installation requires 48hrs of labor compared to 11.5hrs when installing a Zip Trench Drain.

Still want to use Cast-in-Place?

That’s ok. Zip Trench frames and grates are compatible with Cast-in-Place installations.

Figure Number 9960-LC, Zip Trench Frame and Grate

Application Examples

  • Stadium

  • Bottling Plant

    Bottling Plant or Facility
  • Gas Station

    Gas Station

Zip Trench™ Resources

12” Zip Trench™ Grates

Heavy Duty
DIN 19580 Load Class C: 56,000 lbs - 1,162 psi. For commercial pneumatic tire traffic patterns, forklifts and tractor trailers.
Stainless_Steel_Mesh_Grate_9960 Stainless Steel Mesh Grate Lengths: 1 meter, ½ meter
Also available as Perforated.
Galv._Steel_Grate_-_9960 Perforated Galv. Steel Grate Lengths: 1 meter, ½ meter
Also available as Mesh.
Extra Heavy Duty
DIN 19580 Class E: 135,000 lbs - 2,788 psi. For commercial solid tire traffic patterns, forklifts and impacts from steel struts or metal wheels.
Ductile_iron_ADA_slotted_grate_9960 Ductile Iron ADA Grate Length: ½ meter
Ductile Iron Slotted Grate Length: ½ meter

Looking for 6” Zip Trench™ Grates?

Our 6” Zip Trench™ is available with a variety of Light, Heavy, and Extra Heavy Duty grates. View the product page to explore 6” grate options.

Zip Trench™ Accessories