Smith Price Increase, Effective January 2, 2017

2017 Smith Yellow Pages, PG-17 (US) & PG-CB (CAN) Product Guides


We are proud to announce the release of Smith’s 2017 Product Guides and UPC Files, now available for download. PG-17 is for the United States and PG-CB is for Canada.

The Product Guides (PG-17 / PG-CB) give useful descriptions, product applications, and technical data, as well as list prices for base products, product variations, and options.

The [Price Guide] UPC Data Files provide product data in a spreadsheet format - ASCII Text (.txt) or Excel (.xls). The data files include each product description in clear detail, price points, weights and dimensions of the package, and links to product submittals.

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2017 Smith Price Guide & UPC Data Files, PG-17 (US)

2017 US Price Guide - PG-17

2017 US UPC Data Files - PG-17

2017 Smith Price Guide & UPC Data Files, PG-CB (CAN)

2017 Canadian Price Guide - PG-CB

2017 Canadian UPC Data Files - PG-CB