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Floor Drains Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of floor drain is recommended for use with Dex-O-Tex floor covering?
    Any floor drain with a DX flange. Example: DX2312, DX2565R, etc.

  2. Is an extension available for a Fig. 2505 floor drain?
    No extension is available. But a Fig. 2500 with threaded outlet could be used in conjunction with a Fig. 7221 deep seal trap to increase the dimension from top of drain to the center line of outlet.

  3. What Smith drains are compatible with Altro-vinyl flooring material?
    Fig. 2050, 2051, DX2565R & SQ-2-521.

  4. Does Smith have the capabilities to fabricate special grates?

  5. Using Fig. 2710 trench drain, what is the maximum number of "B" sections that can be placed between two "A" sections?
    No more than five "B" sections on either side of an "A" section and a maximum of ten "B" sections between two "A" sections.

  6. Is an extension adaptor available for adjustable strainer heads?
    Yes, Suffix - X extension adaptor is available with an adjustment range of 2.50" - 3.75". They can also be stacked for increased maximum adjustment.

  7. How and where are floor drains installed?
    Floor drains must be installed at the low points of the areas to be drained, with the top of the drain set flush with the finished floor. Drains must be located for easy accessibility for maintenance. When installing drains on above grade floors, caution should be taken to specify a drain with a flashing flange so the waterproof membrane may be attached to the drain.
  8. Is a back flow prevention device available for a floor drain after it has been installed?
    Yes, SQ-7-1248 compression seal type back flow prevention device. It may be inserted at the outlet connection of drain with no modification required to the drain itself.

  9. How many drains can a figure 2699 trap primer serve?

  10. What weight will the grates handle?
    Weight loading on the grates should always be a consideration. In the floor drain catalog section either in the title or sub-title, a reference is made to light, medium, heavy or extra- heavy. This can be referenced to catalog page 2-04 of the current Smith "Yellow Pages" catalog. These four categories are explained and weight loads specifically noted. The load rating categories are in accordance with the ANSI/ASME Standard governing floor drains. If in doubt about a particular drain, contact Smith’s "Sales Engineering Department".

  11. What is the ASTM classification for the cast iron used in Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. products?
    A-48-64 Class 25 or better gray cast iron.

  12. What should the free area of a grate be used in a floor drain installed indoors?
    1 1/2 times the traverse of the connecting pipe.

  13. What is the minimum flow rate required for a valve on the end of a water line which would permit a figure 2699 to work properly?
    2 1/2 G.P.M.