8910 Series Lint Interceptor

by JRSBlogWriterJuly 9, 2013
The question was asked recently as to why a lint interceptor is needed for the washer. If you manage or have been around any type of laundry, lint is ... [More]

A Look at the Research and Development Process in Manufacturing

by JRSBlogWriterJuly 9, 2013
There Is No “Can’t” When it Comes to Innovation [More]

New Enviro-Flo II Trench Drain Series Makes Installation Faster and Easier

by JRSBlogWriterMay 8, 2013
There are any number of reasons why you might find yourself working on a construction project with a tight timetable. Unexpected issues popping up are... [More]

1010 and 1080 Large Capacity Roof Drains

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 20, 2013
Please see below for submittals for fig. nos. 1010 & 1080 large capacity roof drains. The large capacity is in reference to 8, 10 and 12 in. outle... [More]

SQ-8-4618 Inspection Chamber for Grease Interceptors

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 20, 2013
We recently received multiple requests for an inspection chamber on the outlet side of the grease interceptor. This inspection chamber is required to ... [More]

Standards & Compliance Regarding Lead Free Requirements

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 12, 2013
Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. has and will continue to manufacture products that meet or exceed the requirements of present and future standards including pre... [More]

Case Study: Enviro-Flo Trench Drain Installation at WestWorld Equidome

by JRSBlogWriterJanuary 15, 2013
All stadiums and arenas tend to get dirty, but when the City of Scottsdale decided to undertake a $42.8 million expansion of the Tony Nelssen Equestri... [More]

Five Things to Consider When Using an Inline Floor Drain Trap Seal

by JRSBlogWriterJanuary 1, 2013
According to the International Plumbing Code (IPC), traps are intended to provide and maintain a physical barrier between a building and its drainage ... [More]

JRS Products Figure Nos. 871 & 873, Compact ABS Floor Mounted & Suspended Solids Interceptor

by JRSBlogWriterNovember 9, 2012
These are ideal for locating under a sink or lavatory in dental offices or similar applications to collect solids such as plaster, metal chips and so ... [More]

Downspout Nozzles - Figure Numbers 1770, 1771, 1775 & 1775-H5

by JRSBlogWriterNovember 7, 2012
Smith has offered downspout nozzles for many years. There are several types from which to select. The original nozzle was designed  to  acco... [More]