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Stainless Steel is one of the most popular and widely used materials available today due to its appearance, durability, and long life. Stainless Steel’s unique advantage is its chromium content. Chromium has a great affinity for oxygen, and will form a film of chromium oxide on the surface of the steel, allowing it to resist stains and corrosion. This ensures easy cleaning and a gratifying appearance that lasts for years.

The material is perfect for applications in which products may suffer heavy use or abuse because it will not warp or break, even in extreme conditions. This durability makes Stainless Steel an ideal material for floor drains, floor sinks, floor cleanouts and trench drains.

In many cases stainless steel is the most cost-efficient solution because it requires less maintenance and has a longer service life than other materials. Moreover, stainless steel is fully recyclable and has a high scrap value on decommissioning.

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