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Water Closet Supports Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a Figure 0544D be used with a water closet using a flush valve?
    • Yes, but it is not recommended because the 0544D fitting does not have a cross over baffle to prevent waste blow through to the opposite toilet which would occur because of the flush velocity created by the flush valve.
  2. Do all Smith fixture supports meet their relative ANSI/ASME standard?
    • Yes, the supports are designed and built to meet or exceed the applicable strength and deflection criteria in the standard. Example for a water closet - 300 lb load, Type 1 urinal - 300 lb load, Type 1 lavatory - 300 lb load, etc.
  3. Is the M58 nipple available in lengths in excess of 10"?
    • Yes, but it must be special ordered.
  4. What is the purpose of the lower plate assembly provided with the 0637 urinal support?
    • To provide a means for securing bearing studs which thrust against the lower portion of the urinal to prevent it from pressing against the finished wall.
  5. What weight will the water closet supports support?
    • All supports are designed to meet and /or exceed the ANSI/ASME Standard in regards to weight and deflection. Presently the standard requires water closet supports to support a minimum of 300 lbs. If the requirement to support 500 lbs. is specified, the rear anchor support should be utilized which will meet the 500 lbs.