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Trench Drains Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are expansion joints required for trench drain systems?
    Yes, one should be on each side of the drain and running perpendicular to it.

  2. What is the conversion factor to convert feet to meters?
    Divide the number of feet by 3.28 and this will give you the number of meter sections required.

  3. How many feet are in a meter?

Smith/ACO Trench Drain

  1. Are the closing end caps on the 9818 series system universal for each channel section?
    Yes, the closing end cap will fit either end of the channel on all channel sections.

  2. Is there a installation device for the 9812 series trench drain?
    Yes, installation brackets are welded to the frame and supplied with securing bolts.

  3. Are concrete anchors required on the 9816 series system?
    Yes, 8 concrete anchors per 1 meter long channel section.

  4. Does Smith offer a 8" wide polyethylene trench drain system?
    No, Smith currently offers the 9812 Series a 10" wide high capacity presloped fiberglass trench system.

  5. Is the 9818 series channel available with an integral brass rail?
    No, Smith currently offers a galvanized or stainless steel rail.

  6. What is the maximum temperature for water that can be discharged into a polymer concrete channel?
    180 degrees F.

  7. Are the closing end caps universal for the 9814 and 9818 series system?
    Yes, each system uses one closing end cap that will fit either the shallow or deep end of the channel.

  8. What is the equal to the Polydrain 900 series catch basin?
    Smith/ACO 9860 series catch basin that is used with the 9814 series system.

  9. What is the equal to the Zurn -Z806 series?
    Smith/ACO 9810 series.

  10. How do you remove the preformed cutouts for the outlets in polymer concrete?
    Drill holes around perimeter of hole on ½" to 3/4" centers. Remove the cutout by using a cold chisel and a hammer between the holes drilled previously. Dress the hole using a hand grinder.

  11. If you have a chemical exposure application requiring trench drains is there a polymer concrete channel in the Smith/ACO line?
    Yes, the 9814 and 9818SS series specified with vinylester material.

  12. What is our equal to Polycast 600 series trench drain?
    The Smith/ACO 9814 series is our equal.

  13. Is there a threaded connection on the Smith/ ACO polymer concrete channels?
    No, there is only a 4" no-hub outlet connection available that must be installed by the end user.

  14. Is there a Smith/ACO stainless steel trench drain available that is a stock item ?
    Yes, the 9660 Series in 304 or 316 stainless steel.

  15. Are sediment buckets available with the Smith/ACO catch basins?
    Yes, they are offered in the plastic and stainless steel .

  16. Is there a strainer available for the 9818 series trench drain?
    Yes, the 9854 strainer manufactured from plastic.

  17. Does Smith/ACO offer an aluminum trench drain system?

  18. Is the 9818 series trench drain approved by IAPMO?
    No, there is not a listing for linear drainage systems thus no approval number.

Enviro-Flo® II Trench Drain

  1. Does Smith offer a polyethylene sport track trench drain system?
    No, Smith does not have a system at this time.

  2. What is the maximum temperature for water that can be discharged into a polypropylene channel?
    180 degrees F.

  3. Are catch basins available for the 9930 and 9931 trench drain systems?
    Yes, the 9930 series uses 9935 catch basin and the 9931 series uses the 9936 catch basin.

  4. What is the shallowest channel that you can put a 4" horizontal outlet on?
    We recommend not using shallower than a #10 with polymer concrete and a #10 channel with Enviro-Flo II. This is to ensure an adequate level of concrete above the pipe.
  5. Does the Enviro-Flo II system have a universal closing end cap that fits both ends of channel and catch basin?
    Yes, a shallow end cap and a deep end cap that fits all 20 sections. The shallow end cap fits the catch basin.
  6. Is a polypropylene 24" square catch basin available for the Enviro-Flo II system?
    No, only the in-line catch basin for the system is available.

  7. What is our equal to Zurn Z-886?
    Enviro-Flo II - 9930-9931 Polypropylene Series.

  8. Do you currently offer a guide for heat welding Enviro-Flo II channels?
    No, not at this time.We are currently investigating this topic and see the need for this type of resource for our Representatives.

Trench Drain Grates

  1. Are aluminum grates available for the polymer concrete or polypropylene trench drains?
    No, aluminum grates are not offered.

  2. Is there a nickel bronze grate offered in the trench drain systems?
    The closest finish to nickel bronze offered is stainless steel grates.

  3. Is there an ADA grate available in ductile iron material?
    Yes, part number 9870-477-ADA will fit the following trench drain systems 9816, 9818 and 9931.

  4. Is there a polymer concrete slotted grate available for the Smith/ACO series trench drain?
    No, at one time there was a grate available but due to a high breakage rate they were deleted from the product line.

  5. What is the difference between the 440-VF and the 440-VF type 2 Grate?
    The 440-VF grate has bars on 1" centers while the 440-VF2 grate has bars on 5/8" centers.

  6. Is the Smith/ACO trench drain system available with a polymer concrete grate?
    No, there was at one time a polymer concrete grate offered but due to a high breakage rate it was discontinued.

  7. Is there a stainless steel bar grate available for the Enviro-Flo II trench drain?
    No, there was at one time a polymer concrete grate offered but due to a high breakage rate it was discontinued.