Stainless Steel Threshold Drain Featured in MCAA Smart Solutions Case Study

customized stainless steel trench drain

MCAA’s Smart Solutions publication is featuring a case study of Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.’s threshold drain in their Summer 2017 issue.

The case study is on a project for contractor J.W. McClenahan Co., who required a length of trench drain for a mixed-use development project that was not available standard from any manufacturer. The company approached Smith’s engineers, who determined that the stainless steel threshold drain would meet the flow rate and aesthetic requirements. 

McClenahan prepared the customized stainless steel trench drains from Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. in their prefabrication shop.

Smith engineers were able to design the threshold drains in the necessary length and obtain third-party verification to satisfy city inspectors, all in a period of four months.

To read more about this project and how Smith was able to customize their products to meet the project requirements, check out the Summer 2017 edition of MCAA Smart Solutions. To learn more about Smith’s stainless steel threshold drains.