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Sanitary Floor and Area Drains Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is a fixed air gap installed?
    A fixed air gap fitting in plumbing waste lines is installed on the house side of the fixture trap.

  2. Can porcelain enamel drains be installed in chemical labs?
    No! Porcelain enamel is only recommended in kitchen and related areas. Porcelain enamel is primarily for citric acid wastes found in normal kitchen applications. For chemical and related applications, an acid resistant coating (ARC) should be specified. In order to ensure that the proper ARC is provided, we need the exact chemical (& dilution of each) that will be used. We provide different ARC for specific chemicals.

  3. Why aren’t the bottom of the cast iron grates enameled?
    Due to the enameling procedure, only the tops can be enameled. The top & bottom can be furnished with an acid resistant coating or the bottom of the enameled grates can be painted. However, this requirement should be specified and ordered as such. The enameling procedure is an industry standard that has been supplied this way for many years. Only the top of the grate is where the liquid stands.