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Roof Drains Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the recommended deck opening for a Fig. 1010?
    For 2"-6" outlet - 14" dia. without sump receiver; 17" dia. with sump receiver. For 8" & 10" outlet- 18 3/4" dia. without sump receiver; 21" dia. with sump receiver.

  2. What roof drain would be recommended for an IRMA roof?
    Fig. 1011,1017,1018,1019, 1409, & 1419.

  3. Will the Fig. 1015 roof drain work when a waterproofing membrane is specified to be flashed at the drain body flange?
    Yes, it needs to be specified with the -C2 (secondary flashing clamp) option.

  4. Can the Fig. 1015 adjustable roof drain be supplied with a side outlet?
    Yes, specify Fig. 1025.

  5. Can a Fig. 1010 be converted to a Fig. 1015 adjustable roof drain?
    Yes, remove the collar and dome from the 1010 and install a 1015EK adjustable extension assembly to the 1010 body and replace the collar and dome to the top of the 1015EK.

  6. What roof Drains can should be used for Siphonic Roof Drainage Applications?
    The 1005 Siphonic Roof Drain and 1605 Siphonic Gutter Drain should be used in Siphonic Roof Drainage Applications.

  7. Do you offer Rainwater Harvesting products to be used in conjunction with your Siphonic Roof Drains?
    Yes, we offer a complete line of Rainwater Harvesting Products. Please visit our Rainwater Harvesting Section for more information.