Stocked & Ready to Ship

Many Smith products are wholesaler friendly, providing warehouses across the country with plumbing and drainage products that are designed to be easily handled, in stock and ready to ship!

Our wholesaler friendly products make it easier to find the perfect plumbing solution for your next new construction or retrofit project.

Smith Wholesaler Friendly Products Include:

  • Roof_Drain

    Roof Drains

    Choose from PVC, Small Area, Small Area Overflow & Combination Roof Drains.

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  • PVC_Floor_Drain

    PVC Floor Drains

    Find your Smith PVC constructed Floor Drains that are lightweight and easy to install.

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  • Backwater_Valve

    Backwater Valves

    Protect your facility from sewage backflow with our compression seal design.

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  • EZ_Trench

    EZ Trench

    Customize your EZ Trench polypropylene trench drain for better chemical resistance.

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  • Interceptors-


    Trap grease and grime in a Smith Interceptor, constructed of steel or polypropylene.

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  • PVCeptor_


    Maximize your food handling sanitary conditions with this Smith PVC Floor Sink.

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  • Quad_Close

    Quad Close

    Stop the stink with a Quad Close Trap Seal Device, guaranteed to block nasty odors.

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  • hydrants-


    Improve your water output with our Water Hammer Arresters and Hydrants.

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For more information on our wholesaler friendly products, contact us today.