Downspout Nozzle
Downspout NozzleDownspout NozzleDownspout Nozzle
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Downspout Nozzle

Figure Number:  1770
Product Function:
Used as a parapet overflow or at the base of a wall where a concealed leader discharges rainwater to ground. Nozzle design diverts water away from building, eliminating wall stains. Wall flange covers rough opening and serves as anchor.

Regularly Furnished:
Cast Bronze Nozzle and Flange.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Roof Drain
Related Figure Numbers
  • 1771 - With Machined Outlet With Set Screws and Flange
  • 1770Y-2 - With No-Hub Outlet and Flange
  • 1770T - Threaded Outlet
  • 1770Y - NO-HUB Outlet (02(50), 03(75), 04(100) and 06(150))
NameDescriptionFile Size
Specifications US Govt ComplianceItems complying with U.S. government specifications34 KBDownload
CSI Specifications for Roof DrainsCSI Specifications for Roof Drains230 KB

Optional Materials


  • Bird Screen -BS
  • NO-HUB Adaptor - 5(125), 8(200), 10(255),12"(305) Only (Specify Fig. 2646Y)