Special Purpose Pit/Sump Drains
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Special Purpose Pit/Sump Drains

Figure Number:  6040
2", 3", 4" Outlet Connection
Product Function:
Provides complete drainage of low areas in sumps and pits. Angle type design of grate makes this drain reversible, so that it can be used for either a bottom or side outlet installation. Fig. 6048 has a grate and frame with a 5" (125) radius.

Regularly Furnished:
Duco Cast Iron Body with Secured Chrome Plated Bronze Grate and Frame.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Drain
Related Figure Numbers
  • 6045 - 4", 5", 6" Outlet Connection (1 3/4" Radius)
  • 6048 - 4", 5", 6" Outlet Connection (5" Radius)
NameDescriptionFile Size
Specifications US Govt ComplianceItems complying with U.S. government specifications34 KBDownload
CSI Specifications for Special Purpose DrainsCSI Specifications for Special Purpose Drains110 KB

Optional Materials

  • Duco Cast Iron -CI - Grate
  • Galvanized Cast Iron -G
  • Nickel Bronze Top - NB
  • Polished Bronze Top - PB


  • Flashing Clamp -C
  • NO-HUB Adaptor
  • Vandal Proof -U - Screws