THE BOSS TEE- Cleanout and Test Tee

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THE BOSS TEE- Cleanout and Test Tee

Figure Number:  4505

The Boss Tee works double duty in the sanitary DWV piping system. During construction, it hydrostatically tests the piping system for leaks. After testing it can be used as a standard cleanout tee.

Product Function:
Used in concealed drainage lines where a cleanout is desired that allows the testing of piping above through the use of an internal threading inside the tee

Contractor Friendly Features:
  • Sizes - 3, 4, 6”; No-hub and Hub & Spigot Outlets.
  • Safety – contractor not required to remove inflatable plug from inside of     stack with 5-15 psi pressure just upstream of the plug.
  • Reduces the chance of mold – due to water spilling inside the chase.
  • Controlled testing environment – provides contractor with effective means of controlling the filling and draining of piping system.
  • Reliability – better testing results because of reliable closure of the stack.
  • Time & Material savings – eliminates the inflatable plug in the vertical stack and the time to get it to seal properly.
  • Efficient – test up to 3 floors at a time. The inspector can use the gauge to verify pressure in the line.
  • Larger, spherical opening in the fitting allows for easy hand access for line testing/inspection/cleaning.
  • Cleanout tee remains in the stack after testing to be used for future maintenance and testing.

Regularly Furnished:
Duco Cast Iron Cleanout Tee with Internal Threading, 1/2(13) NPT Test Port with Raised Head Plug and Countersunk Taper Threaded Bronze Plug.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Cleanout
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Optional Materials

  • Galvanized Cast Iron -G


  • Test Valve and Reference
  • Gauge Kit - TK
  • Test Plug - TP