Adjustable Round Top and Round Funnel
Adjustable Round Top and Round FunnelAdjustable Round Top and Round Funnel

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Adjustable Round Top and Round Funnel

Figure Number:  3610-3615
With Bottom Outlet
Product Function:
Used to receive the drip, condensate or waste water from indirect waste lines. The funnel prevents splashing and directs the waste into the drain. The exposed portion of grate serves as drain for any other waste on the floor. The funnel is attached to the grate by means of concealed screws and it may be moved to any grate location desired. The round funnel is recommended for single pipe use only. Adjustable top permits accurate positioning of the grate, as necessary, to meet the finished floor level.

Regularly Furnished:
Duco Cast Iron Flanged Receptor and Flashing Collar with Adjustable Top, Bar Grate and Funnel.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Sanitary Floor, Area and Indirect Waste Drain
Related Figure Numbers
  • 3620-3625 - With Side Outlet
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Specifications US Govt ComplianceItems complying with U.S. government specifications34 KBDownload
CSI Specifications for Sanitary Floor DrainsCSI Specifications for Sanitary Floor Drains327 KB

Smith No. 3610 cast iron drain with 8 1/2” diameter adjustable top with grate and funnel. Smith No. 3620 for side outlet.

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Parts Order Guide for Sanitary Floor Drains1222 KBView

Optional Materials

  • Chrome Plated -CP - Grate and Funnel
  • Nickel Bronze -NB - Grate and Funnel
  • Polished Bronze -PB - Grate and Funnel


  • L Speedi-Set® Service Weight - 02(50), 03(75), 04"(100) Sizes Only
  • LXH Speedi-Set® Extra Heavy - 02(50), 03(75), 04"(100) Sizes Only on Bottom Outlet Drains
  • Secured Grate -SG
  • Sediment Bucket -B
  • 6"(150) Dia. Funnel (Fig. 3581)
  • 6(150) x 2 1/2(64) x 1"(25) High Oval Funnel (Fig. 3590)
  • Vandal Proof -U - Secured Grate
  • Y NO-HUB - (Available on Bottom Outlet Drains)