Shower Drain with FormIt® Installation Device

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Shower Drain with FormIt® Installation Device

Figure Number:  2038
Labor Saving

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This shower drain has a 9" (230 mm) diameter top and a Form-It installation device that allows the drain to be assembled to the decking before piping is connected below.  Four anchor holes secure the drain to the deck or subfloor to provide stability for the drain assembly during construction and concrete pour. After the concrete pour, the foam is stripped away to provide an open cavity for easy access for final connection of the waste line piping.

Keeps the Drain in Place Before and During the Pour, Provides Quick Height and Level Adjustments

Pro Tip:
We designed this labor saving floor drain stabilizer assembly with multi-story building construction in mind. Multiple floors means multiple drains and an increased risk of some of those drains falling over or being knocked out of position prior to and during the pour.

Simply mount this assembly directly onto the “fly-away” form and you eliminate the need to spend time and manpower going from floor to floor resetting misaligned drains.

Product Function:
FormIt® Drain Installation Device is designed to stabilize the drain and provide adjustment during the installation process and allows final connection of outlet piping to drain after the concrete pour.

Labor Saving Features:
  • Permits pre-assembly of the drain to the decking without having any connected piping below.
  • Four anchor holes secure FormIt™ to the deck or sub-floor providing rigidity and stability for the drain assembly during construction and concrete pour.
  • Drain elevation can be easily adjusted and leveled to meet finished floor height or pre-adjusted to a known rough-in dimension prior to arrival on jobsite.
  • After concrete has set and the forms have been stripped away, FormIt™creates an open cavity after removing foam insert under plate, allowing easy access for final connection of the waste line piping.
  • FormIt™ eliminates the frustration of resetting a drain that has fallen over or is misaligned which will save time and labor costs.

Regularly Furnished:
Duco Cast Iron Body with Speedi-Set Outlet and Adjustable Strainer Head (as specified) with FormIt Drain Installation Device and Hardware.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Floor Drain
  • Benefit:  Labor Saving
Related Figure Numbers
  • 2038-DID - Installation Device Only
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Optional Materials

  • Bronze Body -BB
  • Chrome Plated Strainer -CP
  • Galvanized -G - Body
  • Nickel Bronze Strainer -NB
  • Polished Bronze -PB - Strainer
  • Stainless Steel -SS - Body and Strainer Head


  • Flapper Type Backwater Valve -V
  • Hinged Grate -H
  • Sediment Bucket -B
  • Trap Primer Connection -P050 1/2" (13), -P075 3/4" (19)
  • Vandal Proof -U - Screws
  • T Threaded Outlet