Stainless Steel Green Roof Planter Drain

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Stainless Steel Green Roof Planter Drain

Figure Number:  1913
15 1/4” Diameter main area drain with auxiliary inlet for additional drains. Perforated gravel guard with removable cover for easy access.
Product Function:
Stainless Steel Green Roof Planter Drain

Green Building Features:
  • Reduced Energy Consumption and Maintenance – The roof top plants and/or cool roof materials increase the insulation in the building and reduce heat transfer into the building thus lowering utility rates. Green roofs can reduce energy consumption of a building by up to 20%.
  • Reduces Urban Heat Island Effect – This is where there is an increase in ambient temperature in cities because paved areas and buildings absorb more heat from the sun than natural landscape. Green roofs help insulate and shade buildings, and the plants can help cool the atmosphere around them. 

Regularly Furnished:
Duco coated cast iron body and flashing collar with perforated stainless steel sleeve with auxilliary side inlet and solid cover with lift handle.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Roof Drain
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Specifications US Govt ComplianceItems complying with U.S. government specifications34 KBDownload

Optional Materials

  • Galvanized Cast Iron -G
  • Stainless Steel (see fig. 9795)


  • T Threaded Inlet/Outlet
  • L Speedi-Set® Service Weight - 02(50), 03(75), 04"(100) Sizes Only
  • LXH Speedi-Set® Extra Heavy.