Roof and Overflow Drain with Deck Plate

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Roof and Overflow Drain with Deck Plate

Figure Number:  1800
Product Function:
Used on flat roofs of any construction (other than poured in place) where an emergency overflow drain can be used in combination with a standard roof drain. Large sump drain bodies with low profile domes provide sufficient free area for quick drainage of rainwater while protecting the drain sump and connected piping from the intrusion of debris. Internal standpipe type overflow drain receives water only when the build-up is greater than the setting of the standpipe. Water dam standpipe can be cut to achieve various water depths on the roof. Attached wide dual drain deck plate with securing holes enables both drains to be secured to the roof deck from the top surface of the roof reducing installation time, reducing the number of roof penetrations and eliminating the need for an underdeck clamp. The wide dual deck plate also recesses the drains slightly to prevent water build-up at the base of the drains.

Contractor Friendly Features:
  • Eliminates need for underdeck clamp.
  • Roof drain installation can be performed from the top of the roof deck.
  • Requires only one rectangular roof penetration.
  • Recesses the drains slightly to prevent water build-up at the base of the drains.
  • Drains can be preassembled to deck plate and then put in place.
  • Drains and deck plate are securely fastened in place.

Regularly Furnished:
Duco Cast Iron Bodies with Combined Flashing Clamp and Gravel Stop for Roof Drain and Combined Flashing Clamp and Gravel Stop with 3 1/2(89) High Internal Water Dam Standpipe for Overflow Drain. Deck Plate with Securing Holes Provided to receive both Drains. Both Drains Provided with Polyethylene Domes.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Roof Drain
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CSI Specifications for Roof DrainsCSI Specifications for Roof Drains230 KB

Optional Materials

  • Aluminum Dome -AD
  • Cast Iron Dome -CID
  • Galvanized Cast Iron Dome -CIDG
  • Galvanized Cast Iron -G - Body & Collar
  • Rough Bronze Dome -RBD
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Secured to Dome - SSMD
  • Acid Resistant Coated -ARC


  • L Speedi-Set® Service Weight - 02(50), 03(75), 04"(100) Sizes Only
  • LXH Speedi-Set® Extra Heavy.
  • T Threaded Outlet
  • Expansion Joint (Specify Fig. 1710)
  • Extension -E - (Specify Height)
  • Secondary Flashing Clamp -C2 (For Extensions)
  • Adjustable Extension -AE
  • External Waterdam Collar -WD Specify Height -WD2(50), -WD3(75), -WD4(100)
  • Vandal Proof - Dome - U