Green Building

Green BuildingThe green movement is growing. It is not just a good idea, it is the right idea. The green movement is becoming a force in our industry. It is redefining everything we believe about building products, transporting goods, conserving resources and in constructing buildings. It will eventually be what we do, not because it is green but because it is right. It was conceived with the notion that we can build a healthier environment— around us, where we work and live. It shows us that we can build buildings, manufacture products and move people and goods in a way that is good for us all.

Being green does not mean that it has to be more expensive. There are both economic and environmental reasons to be Green. Green ideas can be balanced by life cycle cost, reason and need to meet the sustainable challenge.

Today is a great time in our lives; it is a time when the economic cost of producing a product has aligned with the social and economic desire to consume fewer resources.

The United States Green Building Council has shown us with LEED® that we can build buildings that:

U.S. Green Building Council
  • are energy and water efficient;
  • promote a healthier and more productive work place;
  • are less expensive to operate through reduced water consumption and efficient energy use.

Buildings are one of the single biggest consumers of raw material, energy and water of any single manufactured product. Buildings produce huge amounts of waste, emit CO2 gases, and literally change the environment around them by producing additional heat and spilling large amounts of rainwater in to the streets and sewers to the point it has become a problem for our storm water systems, rivers and streams. The run-off from buildings carries pollutants into the environment.

Being green is not about being right, it is about doing what is right. LEED® challenges everyone in the construction industry to look for green, sustainable solutions.

Green ideas are about where we want to be in the future. We want to consume fewer raw materials and begin to reuse what we have to reduce waste and limit the amount of garbage that is carried to landfills. We want to reduce our power bill to save money on operating a building while reducing CO2 emissions for the building as well as from the power plants that generate the energy. We want to use rapidly renewable resources to reduce the depletion of finite or long recycle materials. With green ideas we want to promote a healthier environment both inside and outside the building.

We can all do our part by being smart in our choices; for example, we can use water reducing fixtures, supplement potable water with rainwater, and purchase energy reducing mechanical and electrical systems. Not every green idea or product is the right choice. The building’s location, orientation and purpose will impact what can be done. But LEED® shows us there are choices to be evaluated, there are synergies to be considered, and there are trade-offs to be assessed.

That is what this is all about. It is about conserving resources and reducing pollution. It is about your green ideas and ours. It is about doing what is right economically and socially to have healthier buildings, and thus a healthier environment.

A Green IdeaOur company’s color is yellow, but for us, like for you, green has become a bigger part of our lives and business. A Green Idea Is The Right Idea.

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