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Specify Smith's Zip Trench to have your project all zipped up in record time!

Used In All Surface Drainage Applications

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For those times where you have to race to the finish, the Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® Zip Trench is the answer. Go zero to 60 in six sections with three-meter (10 ft.) channels that have easy to connect male/female lap joints. Speed is matched with durability from a one-piece galvanized or stainless steel frame that transfers weight to the surrounding concrete and a selection of heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty grates.

 Application Examples

  • Fish Processing Company

  • Loading Docks

  • Stadium


Zip Trench Installation



Zip Trench Accessories

Zip Trench Grates

Heavy Duty
DIN 19580 Load Class C: 56,000 lbs - 1,162 psi. For commercial pneumatic tire traf c patterns, forklifts and tractor trailers.
Extra Heavy Duty
DIN 19580 Class E: 135,000 lbs - 2,788 psi. For commercial solid tire traf c patterns, forklifts and impacts from steel struts or metal wheels.

Zip Trench Drain Literature

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