Introducing Trap-Defender Pressure Drop Trap Primer


MONTGOMERY, AL – February 5, 2018—Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. is introducing a new, pressure drop trap primer to their product line. The Trap-Defender™ is a lead-free, self-adjusting trap primer valve designed to be connected to any potable cold water line.

The Trap-Defender is designed for use in commercial buildings. It is fully automatic and is activated when a valve or faucet that is on line is opened and the system experiences a drop in pressure. A pressure drop of 3 psi or more will activate the valve and release water to the trap. Flow through the device is not required in order to activate the trap primer. As such, it is ideal for remote areas and can be mounted at the end of a water supply line branch pipe.

The Trap-Defender can prime up to four traps through the use of a distribution unit that ensures the water coming out of the trap primer is divided evenly between traps. The Trap-Defender can also be equipped with a manual trap priming lever option that allows maintenance to fill empty or low traps.

The Trap-Defender is ASSE tested to 5000+ cycles and is ASSE 1018 certified and cUPC listed.

To learn more about Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.’s Trap-Defender Pressure Drop Trap Primer, visit our website at our Trap-Defender Landing Page.