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Shallow Channel Systems
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Shallow Channel Systems

Figure Number:  9832
Product Function:
The 9832 Shallow Channel Systems provide a cost effective solution in applications where surface drainage or ducting is needed but installation depth is restricted. 9832 Shallow Channel Systems (Channels #080 and #0100) consist of two depths, 3.15" and 3.94" (80mm and 100mm).Made from high strength polyester or vinylester concrete, these units are lightweight and easy to install. Each channel has an interlocking tongue and groove profile to assist with alignment during installation.

Regularly Furnished:
1 meter (3.28') Precast Polyester Concrete Channel of Interlocking Design with a Non-Sloping Bottom. Supplied with Secured Grate as Per Specification.
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NameDescriptionFile Size
Specifications US Govt ComplianceItems complying with U.S. government specifications34 KBDownload
CSI Specifications for Trench DrainsCSI Specifications for Trench Drains159 KB
NameDescriptionFile Size
Install Guide (Technical) for Concrete Trench DrainInstall Guide (Technical) for Concrete Trench Drain899 KBView

Optional Materials

  • Vinylester Resin


  • Channel Type