Residential Inline Downspout Filter Collector for Above Grade Application

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Residential Inline Downspout Filter Collector for Above Grade Application

Figure Number:  RH9508-04
Product Function:
Connects to a single vertical rainwater downspout and can filter up to a 1000 square foot roof area for irrigation, car washing or other non-potable uses. The downspout filter collector is installed above grade in the vertical rainwater down piping to remove debris to the storm water system and divert 90% of the clean rainwater to the storage tank. The filter operates as a first flush device.

Rainwater Harvesting promotes “Green” in the following ways:
  • It lessens demand on the municipal water supply.
  • It makes efficient use of rainwater which would either evaporate or make its way to sewer lines.
  • It diminishes flooding, erosion, and the flow to storm water drains.
  • It reduces the contamination of surface water with sediments, fertilizers and pesticides from rainwater run-off resulting in cleaner lakes, rivers, oceans and other receivers of storm water.
  • It can be used to recharge groundwater.
  • It is good for irrigation and plants thrive because stored rainwater is free from pollutants as well as salts, minerals, and other natural and man-made contaminants.
  • It is good for laundry use as rainwater is soft and lowers the need for detergents.
  • It adds life to equipment dependent on water to operate, as rainwater does not produce corrosion or scale like hard water.
  • Can be used as a potable water supply
  • Ideal for developing  or disaster-impacted areas with limited water
  • It can help achieve LEED® Green Building Credit under Water Use Reduction; Innovative Wastewater Technology; Stormwater Design: quality Control; Stormwater Design: quantity Control; Water Efficiency Landscaping;  and Innovation in Design.
  • Promotes good public relations showing positive environmental concern 

Regularly Furnished:
Stainless Steel Filter, 280 micron Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Filter and Downspout Converter Kit must specify.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Rainwater Harvesting
Related Figure Numbers
  • RH9510-04 - Up to 1,600 Square Foot Roof Area
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