Grease+Gard®II Retrofit Skimmer

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Grease+Gard®II Retrofit Skimmer

Figure Number:  8165GG
Retrofit Skimmer
Product Function:
Designed for installation on an existing grease interceptor for the purpose of converting it to an automatic grease removal device (GRD). The unique design of the Grease+Gard®II removes grease from the interceptor and discharges it into a reservoir for convenient disposal without having to remove the cover.

Green Building Feature:
  • The Grease+Gard II continuously removes fats, oils and grease from the interceptor reducing hydrolysis thereby maximizing recyclability. The Grease+Gard Retrofit units are adaptable to existing hydrochemical interceptors thereby alleviating a need for replacement or discard of existing interceptors.

Regularly Furnished:
Stainless Steel Housing, Adjustable Timer, Skimming Belt, Heater with Timer, Mounting Base with Gasket and Removable Grease Reservoir.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Interceptor
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