Non-Freeze Sanitary Post/Yard Hydrants
Non-Freeze Sanitary Post/Yard HydrantsNon-Freeze Sanitary Post/Yard HydrantsNon-Freeze Sanitary Post/Yard Hydrants

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Non-Freeze Sanitary Post/Yard Hydrants

Figure Number:  5904
Product Function:
Used where an above ground water outlet is required in areas which are subject to freezing temperatures and where water is not allowed to drain from the casing into the ground. Freezing is prevented by burying the valve housing below the frost line and draining water from the casing after shut-off into the sealed canister. The hydrant is engineered to be fully self contained and easily serviced in the field.

Regularly Furnished:
Non-Freeze Post Hydrant with Galvanized Casing Adjustable Flow Wheel Lock Handle, Stainless Steel Underground Cannister and Nozzle with Venturi Adapter.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Hydrant
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