Finished Floor Cleanouts with Round Extra Heavy Duty Nickel Bronze Tops
Finished Floor Cleanouts with Round Extra Heavy Duty Nickel Bronze TopsFinished Floor Cleanouts with Round Extra Heavy Duty Nickel Bronze Tops

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Finished Floor Cleanouts with Round Extra Heavy Duty Nickel Bronze Tops

Figure Number:  4100-4114
Spigot Outlet
Product Function:
Used in hospitals, schools, institutional and industrial buildings where floors are subject to heavy load traffic.

Contractor Friendly Features:
  • One size top assembly for 2-4” outlet ferrules eliminates sorting tops by size, maximizes installation versatility and uniform appearance.
  • Regularly furnished thicker finished floor cover reinforced with support ribs for strength and durability to eliminate dishing.
  • Regularly furnished finished floor cleanouts provided with unique new top assembly which allows for interchangeability of scoriated tile or terrazzo covers AFTER finished concrete pour.
  • Finished floor top frame and cover secured independently so frame stays in place when cover is removed during maintenance.
  • The smooth outside surface of the top assembly and the thread protector Styrofoam ring maximize adjustment during and after the finished floor concrete pour.
  • 2-4” ferrules for no-hub, spigot, inside caulk or gasket outlet connection provided with external machined thread for positive non-tilt engagement of adjustable top.
  • Machined ferrule provides positive non-tilt engagement for optional threaded anchor flange and clamping collar which can be adjusted for waterproof membrane placement.
  • Easy to attach and removet to adjust frame (Ferrule Assembly0
  • Easy to install clamping device (Ferrule Assembly)
  • Cast iron clamping device providing maximum clamping force to the membrane (Ferrule Assembly)
  • All strainer heads and cleanout tops shipped individually are shrink wrapped in plastic before leaving the factory.
  • The cover protects the drain/cleanout top during shipping, warehousing and on the job site.
  • Each protective cover is clearlymarked with the product number and the Smith logo.
  • The cover protects the drain/cleanout top during the pour preserving the finish.

Regularly Furnished:
Duco Cast Iron Cleanout with Taper Thread Bronze Plug and Round Adjustable Scoriated Secured Nickel Bronze Top.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Cleanout
Related Figure Numbers
  • 4105 - Inside Caulk Outlet
  • 4113 - Available in 6" and 8" Outlet Size
  • 4111 - Available in 2", 3" and 4" Outlet Size
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Specifications US Govt ComplianceItems complying with U.S. government specifications34 KBDownload
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Optional Materials

  • Galvanized Cast Iron -G
  • Polished Bronze Top - PB


  • Flashing Flange -F
  • Flashing Flange and Clamp -F-C
  • Vandal Proof -U - Top