Quad Close "Stink Stopper" Trap Seal Device

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Quad Close "Stink Stopper" Trap Seal Device

Figure Number:  2692
Labor Saving

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The Trap Seal Device is simple to install and remove. No special tools are needed. It fits almost any floor drain (available in 1-1/2, 2, 3, 3-1/2, 4, 6 inch pipe sizes). It's tested and a reliable solution with a 10 year warranty.

10 Year Warranty, Simple to Install and Easy to Remove—No Special Tools Needed, Fits Almost Any Floor Drain

Pro Tip:
Instead of waiting for the inevitable call from a building owner complaining of sewer gas odor, it is better to be proactive and install the “Stink Stopper” in any drain that may be used infrequently.

An often overlooked application for a trap seal device is in institutions that close for the summer or long holidays. During these times, drains that usually don’t pose a problem will dry up and students and staff are greeted upon their return by a noxious odor.

Product Function:
The Quad Close Trap Seal forms a barrier to minimize the evaporation of the trap seal of a floor drain. The Quad Close Trap Seal will open to allow drainage and close when there is no flow. It is for use in floor drain outlets or the adjustable strainer throats. This device is not intended to be used in lieu of a trap primer.

Regularly Furnished:
Trap Seal formed from a chemically resistant elastomer.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Floor Drain
  • Patent:  8,844,572
  • Benefit:  Labor Saving
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