Downspout with Hinged Cover

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Downspout with Hinged Cover

Figure Number:  1775
Labor Saving

Saves Maintenance by Keeping Debris Out

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Easy Installation, Low Maintenance:
Typical downspout nozzles feature a cow’s tongue design that leaves them vulnerable to nesting birds and rodents. This uniquely designed downspout cover features a preassembled design for easy installation. The cover keeps rodents and birds from nesting inside. It allows the water to flow while preventing tampering with the overflow roof drain concealed leader. These features reduce the maintenance required to keep the downspout nozzle functional.

Pro Tip:
Building owners do not overlook even the smallest details when it comes to aesthetics. This style of downspout cover can be a better fit for a building’s motif than the more traditional downspout nozzle.

Product Function:
Used as a downspout cover on a wall where an overflow roof drain concealed leader discharges rainwater to the ground.

Regularly Furnished:
Fabricated Type 304 Stainless Steel Downspout Cover with Hinged Perforated Cover.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Roof Drain
  • Benefit:  Labor Saving
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Optional Materials

  • Fabricated Polished Brass -PB
  • Fabricated Chrome Plated Brass -CP


  • Vandal Proof -U