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Smith’s Redesigned Contractor Labor Savings brochure features labor-saving products designed with the installer in mind. These products are designed to save time, require less manpower, and make the contractor’s job easier.

"We use the Smith products because they are applicable in so many different situations."

Tom Stone,
President of Braconier Mechanical & Plumbing Services

Contractor Labor Saving Product Categories

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  • Leg design - provides easy front access to the faceplate’s securing bolts, allowing easy height adjustments.
  • All roughing is done - on the floor and not in the ceiling, no scaffolding, ladders or similar supports are required.
  • Better working conditions - installer works on the floor not in the ceiling saving time since working conditions are more favorable.
  • Rough-in piping is on the floor - so dropped ceilings are not required. This enables building ceiling height to be lower, effectively saving overall construction costs.

"The Quarterback provides a fifty percent labor savings because it's quicker to build and assemble and it's more adjustable."

Chris Young,
Project Manager, Pan-Pacific Mechanical

Labor Saver

  • Designed to speed up the installation process by using a one-piece, pre-assembled rigid steel frame construction.
  • Labor Savor’s® innovative design allows for installation in narrow wall and metal stud configurations
  • Fixture support features both horizontal and vertical adjustability to fit varying installation conditions.


  • No pitch is required -  thus interior overhead space can be reduced; building height may be reduced saving on construction costs.
  • Below slab installation - costs are reduced due to fewer points of discharge.
  • Smaller and lighter pipe diameters/pipe hangers - reduce material and labor costs.
  • The lack of drainage piping pitch provides for maximum use of interior open space.
  • Higher velocities promote self-cleaning.

The choice to go [with a siphonic system] was probably one of the most prudent choices I’ve seen made in a while. It doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. You’re talking about cutting costs considerably for not any more work really.

Korin Carter,
Project Manager, Love Engineering

Labor Saver

  • Adjustable extension accommodates the inevitable inconsistencies in roof thickness.  Simply spin the Carousel to fit decking from 1 1/4 inch to 4 inches of thickness.
  • Large, low profile dome for quick drainage and protection against debris.
  • Wide clamping surface to hold flashing and roofing materials.
  • The Carousel also features a combined flashing a gravel stop to make installation even quicker.

Overflow Drain Deck Plate

  • Installs from the top of the roof deck eliminating the need for an underdeck clamp, and requires only one rectangular roof penetration reducing installation time.
  • Your customers will love it because that dual deck plate recesses the drains just enough to prevent water build-up at the base of the drains prolonging the life of their roof.
  • Drains can be preassembled to the deck plate and installed in one piece reducing installation time.

Dome Drain Deck Plate

  • Drain and deck plate can be pre-assembled and installed together to save time.
  • Installation from above results in less time on ladders, increasing safety.
  • Reliability. The drains are installed in a recess to prevent a water dam
  • Simplicity. Roof penetrations are square, not round, saving time

Top Mount Drain Elevator

  • Drain Elevator is outside of the waterway, eliminating leaks.
  • Top mount reversible collar eliminates the need for a conventional extension, underdeck clamp and sump receiver saving material and labor cost.
  • The cast thread design provides an quick and easier adjustment to compensate for insulation thickness —up or down with just one turn.


  • Downspout Nozzle allows the water to flow while preventing
    anyone tampering with the overflow roof drain concealed leader.

  • Our vandal proof downspout cover doesn’t extend far from the wall making it less obtrusive than a standard downspout nozzle and is the safer choice where a walkway is set flush against the building.

Jubilee floor drain

  • Jubilee Series” cleanouts allow you to make that adjustment after concrete pours dry with a simple twist.
  • Our cleanouts allow you to exchange our factory covers with scoriated tile or terrazzo covers to fit aesthetic request.


  • FormIt® eliminates the need to reset a drain that has fallen over or is misaligned, saving time and labor costs.
  • Drain elevation can be easily adjusted and leveled to meet finished floor height.
  • Four anchor holes secure FormIt to the deck or sub-floor, providing stability during construction and concrete pour.

Protective Cover

  • Saves time by eliminates the need to tape and remove tape before turning the building over.
  • Protects the drain/cleanout top during shipping, warehousing and on the job site.
  • Protects the drain/cleanout top during the pour, preserving the finish.

Quad Close

  • Simple to Install and Easy to Remove
  • No Special Tools Needed or Flow Restrictions
  • Fits Almost Any Floor Drain
  • Can be retrofitted into existing drains
  • 10 Year Warranty

Cored Hole Boxed Hydrant

  • Easy installation in core drilled concrete wall saving labor cost.
  • Recessed stainless steel hydrant box conceals the nozzle and operating mechanism making for a clean and simple installation.
  • Stainless steel box comes complete with a vertical hinge to avoid pinched fingers caused by standard horizontal latch type covers.
  • The hinged locking cover opens 180º for clear hydrant access and prevents unauthorized use.

Guardian Plus

  • Service shut-off valve enables the water supply to be shut-off at the hydrant, allowing for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to Operate just a quarter-turn of the handle allows full flow of water.
  • Dual check valves eliminate possible contamination of the water supply by preventing back siphonage or back pressure.
  • Integral vacuum breaker provides freeze protection where water is required at the outside of the building.


  • Fast, long, pre-assembled runs in any length utilizing interlocking tongue and groove ends. This reduces installation times and cost, providing an engineered, sloped solution for drainage requirements.
  • Lighter weight and faster to install reducing labor cost.
  • Better chemical resistance than polyethylene, temperature rating of 180 degrees vs 140 degrees.
  • Heavy polypropylene ribbing throughout to reinforce during concrete pour.

Zip-Trench 9960

  • The 9’10" length of the channels and built-in rebar anchors make installation fast and simple.
  • Zip Trench allows for unparalleled flexibility with channels that can be run as long as needed.
  • Deep rounded base keeps water moving faster at optimal efficiency and keeps debris moving to reduce frequency of servicing.