Quad Close Trap Seal Device / Stink Stopper - Figure Number 2692

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 27, 2015

Technical Bulletin TB-12-01 was issued on June 27, 2012. A copy of the updated bulletin is attached. All statements and other data in the bulletin remain valid. This bulletin is attached along with a current submittal drawing and a copy of The Myths and Facts of Sewer Gases and Drains.

It is recommended to read the ‘Myths’ paper as it explains and clarifies some of the recent questions we have received.

The ASSE 1072 National Standard for Barrier Type Trap Seal Protection Devices is an extreme stringent and rigorous standard to meet and the Quad Close passed all requirements. This standard states in paragraph 1.0

General/1.1 Application:
This standard establishes physical requirements, performance requirements, and test procedures for barrier type floor drain trap seal protection devices. These devices are designed to help protect the floor drain trap seal of floor drains that comply with ANSI/ASME A112.6.3 by minimizing evaporation. The purpose of this device is to minimize the evaporation of the trap seal for the floor drain.

Recently, some have confused the function of this device. The main purpose is to minimize evaporation as stated in the preceding paragraph. This device shall be used in conjunction with a p-trap. Most areas still require a trap primer in new installations. If in doubt, the installer must check and confirm with his local inspector or code authority.

Whether used in new or retrofit applications, it is prudent for the p-trap to be cleaned. If installed in a dry p-trap, the Quad Close should be installed and water poured into the trap to prime the p-trap. We emphasize, the main purpose is to protect the trap seal! The device should not be installed during initial construction as concrete and other debris are discharged through the floor drain, which may damage the Quad Close. This is applicable to all of these types of devices on the market.

The Quad Close is uniquely engineered with the quad design. The very slightest backpressure closes (squeezes) the quad and creates a tight seal. As mentioned in Myth No. 1, fact 3; the Quad Close closes between 0.004 and 0.007 pounds per square inch and remains closed to well over 10” (inches) of head pressure until a reverse pressure occurs opening the valve and allowing water to enter the drain.

Download the original newsletter here: Vol 5, Issue 2: Quad Close Trap Seal Device / Stink Stopper - Figure Number 2692