Figure Numbers 2482 & 2483: Formerly SQ Drains Now Assigned Figure Numbers

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 23, 2015

These drains were formerly SQ drains but have been assigned a figure number.

The figure no. 2482 (SQ-2-1717) is an extra heavy-duty floor drain and can be used in parking areas/decks and similar applications. It is regularly furnished with a ductile iron slotted grate, cast iron flashing collar and body. The safe live load (static) rating per ASME A112.6.3 is 14,000 lbs.

The figure no. 2483 (SQ-2-4066) is a unique drain. It has two extra heavy-duty ductile iron grates, fabricated steel body and a side outlet. In areas where solids and debris are a concern, a mesh lined sediment basket can be supplied when specified. The design of the unit with the side outlet allows the solids retaining baffle, when specified, to be effective in retaining the solids until removed/cleaned. The safe live load (static) rating per ASME A112.6.3 is 22,000 lbs.

New Submittals can be found here and in the resource area: 2482 and 2483

When working with an engineer on a specification, please take into consideration the following.

The nomenclature for safe live load ratings derives from the ASME A112.6.3 floor Drain Standard for top loading classification and testing procedures. The test procedure consists of placing a 3” (inch) diameter platen in the center of the grate and applying hydraulic pressure/load slowly until the point of failure. This is a static test only and does not take into consideration impact loading, linear or rotational dynamics, and
destructive evaluation.

The classifications are for conventional applications that occur within or immediately outside a facility. Vehicle traffic castings have different classifications than listed in the ASME Standard.

Although the drain may be noted for a specific loading classification, other considerations must be accounted for when making judgments such as location. Drains are particularly venerable when located in traffic areas and the venerability is increased when in the pathway of a turning radius. Vehicles will torque grates out of their drain seats even when it is an extra heavy-duty grate. This same principle/situation applies to municipalities that secure their manhole covers by welding them to the manhole body. Heavy-duty cast iron trench drain grates will be displaced from their drain seats and/or broken when in turning radius of vehicles.

Coatings, varnishes and glazes provided on surface drainage products specifically in traffic areas will not endure for long periods of time and should not be expected to do such. Even when subjected to pedestrian traffic only, coatings will also eventually wear from the constant shoe, cart and other traffic.

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