Quad Close ® Trap Seal (Stink Stopper) – Figure No. 2692

by JRSBlogWriterSeptember 2, 2014
Jerry for Engineering NewslettersThe Quad Close® Trap Seal (Stink Stopper) is now available in 1½" and 6" sizes.
  • These sizes conform to the ASSE Standard #1072 – Barrier Type Floor  Drain  Trap  Seal  Protection  Devices  in  design,  performance and protocols.
  • Design: They feature the same unique and Patent Pending quad seal design, reducing the need for the periodic admission of water into the floor drain’s trap to maintain a trap seal.
  • Ideally suited for retrofitting/repairing of existing floor, shower, area drains and similar applications where there is no existing trap protection or the current protection has failed.
  • Prevents odors by eliminating the emission of offensive sewer gases from entering the living/work environment. Also, assists as a barrier to prevent insects from entering through the floor drain.
  • Designed to fit the inside diameters of 1-1/2" and 6" ABS, PVC and cast iron pipe.
  • Fast & simple to install, easily removed for inspection, cleaning or replacement. No special tools required.
  • Statistics:
    • — Ten-year warranty,
    • Meets or exceeds the minimum flow rates of 6 GPM (22.7 l/m) for the 1-1/2” and 215  GPM (814 l/m) for the 6” as    established by the Standard,
    • The same superior elastomeric material as used with the 2"-4" sizes enabling the devices to be installed in all types of floor applications including dirt & debris, wax and grease laden floors,
    • Weather tested for 250 continuous hours per ASTM G154 and ASTM D412 with no cracking, checking, blistering or surface pitting occurring after the 250 hours of UV exposure,
    • Meets the water absorption test per ASTM D471 when submerged in water with no significant weight gain after 48 hours and
    • Reduces evaporation from the trap seal in both tests, one being an unobstructed device and the other being a device fouled with a 1/8" diameter wire.

quad close trap sealsListings: IAPMO or ASSE listings have not been at this time   obtained as indicated on the attached submittal drawing. These two sizes have passed the internal testing to the Standard so these listings will be pursued in the future. These units are engineered and produced the same as the other four sizes. Therefore, when discussing features, material or function, they are the same quality product.

Visit the Quad Close® Trap Seal (Stink Stopper) product page to view the submittal and installation instructions.

Download the original newsletter here: Vol 4, Issue 7: Quad Close® Trap Seal (Stink Stopper).