5903 & 5906 Hydrants

by JRSBlogWriterAugust 20, 2014

The 5903 sanitary hydrant requires a split under deck clamp to allow the unit to be field assembled without removing the stainless steel tank. This is much simpler than removing and reinstalling the tank.

The 5906 under deck clamp is not split as it can be passed over the inlet valve.

The 5903BS submittal shows the Recommended Deck Opening for the Sanitary Hydrant, installation.

The 5903 deck flange seals (Qty. 2) have an extra, small hole for the stainless tank vent tube. This hole in the deck flange seals is not present without the tube as with the 5906.

Removal of the hydrant head or tail piece is not required and if done, may require readjustment of the operating rod and valve.

Also, attached are instructions on how to position the roof hydrant when installed on a metal deck roof. Metal roof decking shown is for illustration only as types of metal roof decking varies in style and shape.

Please see the below isometric views of figure numbers 5906 and 5903 roof hydrants:

Recently, there have been requests for the fire rating for cast iron drains. The drains are produced from cast iron which is considered a natural fire resistive material. The melting point for cast iron is approximately 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit which far exceeds the maximum temperature ratings of most construction materials. Cast iron is classified a non-combustible material and has outstanding resistance to deformation, the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and does not contribute to the spreading of flames. Therefore, a specific fire rating for the drains is not pertinent. The Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute [CISPI] concurs with this statement regarding cast iron pipe, fittings and related drainage products. The greater concern should be the piping material connecting to the drain when using material other than cast iron.

Visit the 5903 and 5906 Hydrant product page to view the submittals.

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