Enhance Your Hydrant Maintenance

by JRSBlogWriterApril 1, 2014
Enhance Your Hydrant Maintenance

Smith’s commercial hydrants are built for longevity and ease of maintenance. It is not unusual for customers to have commercial hydrants in their buildings that were manufactured over 30 to 40 years ago, or even longer.Commercial HydrantDue to general wear and tear, there may be a need to replace or repair a hydrant part. Some hydrants never need maintenance while others due to circumstances such as hard water, abuse and so forth will require periodic attention.

In the event you have a commercial hydrant in need of service, the Smith Technical/Sales Engineers have a few suggestions to get help and replacement parts quickly.

The best pre-cautionary procedure to reduce repair/downtime is to have parts on hand and readily available for repair. Repair kits are available for all Smith hydrants, even those dating back to the 1950s.  If you do not have a repair kit on hand, then you must order the kit prolonging the repair/downtime.

When you are ordering your repair kit you want to make sure you get the right kit for your particular hydrant model. Because some hydrant models can look very similar, it is good advice to keep product literature on file for every hydrant installed. In fact, this should be a common procedure with all equipment installed in your building. Often, the maintenance group does not have records as to exactly what was ordered and installed creating additional delay in the repair.

In the event you do not have product literature particularly for an old hydrant and are unsure about the model number, the Sales Engineers can be contacted and will work with you to determine your model number and the specific part you need to make the repair.

Most times it is as simple as taking a photo with your mobile phone or another device and sending it to the Sales Engineers attention via email at salesengineering@jrsmith.com. The photos are extremely useful as the hydrant can at times be recognized visually. The Sales Engineers are technical personnel and able to discuss all of Smith’s products.

You can also call Smith’s main number, (800) 467-6484 or (334) 277-8520 and ask for Sales Engineering. This information is always available on the Contact page of www.jrsmith.com.

For self-service, you can go to www.jrsmith.com and click on Resources, select Parts Order Guides under Filter by Resource Category or click here.

In talking to building maintenance crews we discovered an issue while not related to the hydrants themselves, still created a repair problem. Their contractor never installed a service valve, or the maintenance crew didn’t know where the service valve was located. The entire building’s water supply would need to be shut down when it came time to do repairs.

Guardian Plus Dual Check HydrantThat specific and common problem prompted us to design a service shut off within the Guardian Plus non-freeze hydrant. Now you can shut-off the water at the hydrant face instead of shutting down the entire or partial building by having to shut-off the water at the main water meter or a valve serving a portion of the water supply system. The water is shut-off at the hydrant only.

Our customers are vital when engineering new, improved, and creative products. We pride ourselves on making our products contractor friendly, and are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to install/maintain them.

In summary, keep and file product literature for any new equipment installed. Absent that, just give us a call and we’ll help you choose the right kit and get you up and running in record time.