Mifab ‘MI-GARD’ Floor Drain Trap Seal

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 7, 2014

Mifab now has a trap seal device titled ‘Mi-Gard.’ It is their answer to the Quad Close Seal. It is available in 2, 3, 3½ and 4 inch sizes. Please refer to the attached Data Sheet for specific information. Mifab has obtained IAPMO/UPC and ASSE listing for the Mi-Gard.

The Quad Close Seal has some distinct features versus our competitors. When water flows through the Quad Close Seal, it opens fully allowing full flow with no cross bars and so forth to restrict flow, catch debris, and is a one piece design easily installed & removed. The specially formulated material used in the Quad Close Seal is superior to the Mifab silicone material in this type of

The proof is visual comparison. Suggest to the specifier and installer to obtain samples of the competition and compare against one another. For those who have seen the demonstration of placing the Quad Close Seal and the competitor units in clear pipes, inverting them, filling them with water and timing how quickly the water starts leaking or pouring through all the units except the Quad Close Seal, provides obvious confirmation whose product is superior.

The Quad Close Seal is substantial and when installed the valve closes between 0.004 and 0.007 pounds per square inch and remains close to over 10.00 inches of head pressure. When holding the Quad Close Seal by hand and looking into it, some light may be seen. This is of no concern and has no bearing on whether or not the seal will prevent sewer gas omission and evaporation. Both of these issues are discussed in the attached three page document titled “The Myths and Facts of Sewer Gases and Drains”.

ASSE test reports are available for these four sizes upon request. The Quad Close Seal passed all requirements/sections of the ASSE 1072 National Standard titled “Performance Requirements for Barrier Type Floor Drain Trap Seal Protection Devices” and was independently tested by the IAPMO R&T certified test laboratory.

Bariatric Water Laboratory & Sink Supports

To our knowledge, there is no fixture standard requiring a 1,000 lb. static load rating for lavatories or sinks. While the idea may be considered favorable by some, it is not practical compared to the water closet where the person will apply direct full static weight loading on the fixture. Lavatories and sinks are not intended to receive the full static impact of a person but a partial loading since most will be leaning on or bracing against the fixture. It is doubtful a person will be able to apply 1,000 lbs. of static weight to a lavatory or sink.

Some manufacturers have noted the capability of some of their lavatories or sinks to handle a 1,000 lb. load. You should be observant as these fixtures will have to be mounted to the floor structure in order for the weight to be transferred to the floor structure. In most cases, Smith can provide a support to attach to the back of the fixture to assist in preventing the fixture from deflecting forward.

It would require a massive assembly to support an off-thefloor lavatory or sink without utilizing the floor for support.

View more about the Quad Close Trap Seal Device here.

Download the original newsletter, datasheets and Facts and Myths of Sewer Gases and Drains here: Vol 4, Issue 2: Mifab ‘MI-GARD’ Floor Drain Trap Seal