Bariatric Water Closet Supports, - XX (750 lbs) & - XK (1,000 lbs)

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 7, 2014

Please see Technical Bulletin TB-09-02, released on February 19, 2009.

The information provided in this bulletin is of importance but there are three significant items that need your attention.

In the second paragraph, the last two sentences state ‘Due to the larger stud, the vertical support fitting’s lug (Fig. 0230, 0240 & 0250) has to be machined to accept the larger stud. The horizontal support fitting does not require any machining, standard fittings work as well.’ Please make note of the machining for the vertical fitting.

In the third paragraph, it states ‘cast iron nipples and couplings’ are to be used with the –XK (1000 lbs.) supports. This should be noted and has to be followed.

In the fourth paragraph, the most critical of the three statements is made; ‘the complete support must be ordered from Smith. This will ensure a complete support is supplied and the installer does not experience any installation problems.’ Service centers should not order components/kits and attempt to assemble into complete units at your facility or on the project site. As stated, order the whole support assembly.


Sales Engineering is actively updating cross reference comparisons and many of the fixture support selection

Zurn, Mifab, Watts and Josam were released in February, 2014.

These can be searched and downloaded in the Resources section here.

Other updated comparisons and guides will be forthcoming.

Download the original newsletter here: Vol 4, Issue 1: Bariatric Water Closet Supports