JRS Products Figure Nos. 871 & 873, Compact ABS Floor Mounted & Suspended Solids Interceptor

by JRSBlogWriterNovember 9, 2012

These are ideal for locating under a sink or lavatory in dental offices or similar applications to collect solids such as plaster, metal chips and so forth before entering into the sanitary drain line. These are regularly furnished with an allwhite ABS body, gasket cover with stainless steel latch and removable sediment bucket with perforated screen (3/32 inch diameter). The unit is cleaned by removing the sediment bucket and perforated screen.

Figure 871 is for floor mounted installations. Allow for 10¼ inches above the interceptor for bucket and screen removal.

Figure 873 is for suspended installations. This unit is used in lieu of the fixture ‘P’ trap and is bottom accessible. Allow for 10¼ inches below the interceptor for bucket and screen removal.

The all-white ABS color blends well with most medical/dental surroundings and is aesthetically agreeable. The ABS material is durable and is not affected by varying water temperatures. Please refer to the attached submittal drawings.


Often times, this type of equipment can be overlooked. However, they contribute on a large scale basis to the overall functioning of a dental practice or related application when used as a plaster or solids interceptor. While it is obvious how dental chairs, X-ray machines and even air/water syringes contribute and help dentists in their office, items such a solids/plaster trap may not be so apparent in their contributions.

Solids/plaster traps are designed, as to say, to provide a filter within a draining system. Solids/plaster traps are used not only by dentists but by artists, jewelers, medical clinics, veterinarians and other related functions. Using plaster without the proper trap interception could potentially damage drainage pipes and eventually be costly in repairs. By investing in a solids/plaster trap, it will mean less maintenance problems in the future which equates to saving dollars.

When selecting a solids/plaster trap for your application, be sure to locate it where you have enough clearance under the fixture, counter or above the floor with the inverted unit to remove the cover and bucket. Solids/plaster traps are cost effective solutions which help dentists and other related functions avoid costly repairs down the road.

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