Special Planter Drain Application - SQ-2-4614

by JRSBlogWriterSeptember 3, 2012
This is an example where an engineer or architect details a special application. We review the detail and provide a product that will fit the application. This drain required a lower and upper body along with a perforated bronze standpipe and bronze dome.

This SQ drain was installed in a planter box. (The actual detail and submittal drawing can be seen in original newsletter). The structural concrete slab has a fluid applied (liquid) waterproofing with a sheet of drainage composite above and a basic 2005 body installed in the structural slab. The planter box concrete slab is sloped towards the upper drain which requires a clamping collar for securing the neoprene waterproofing. A sheet of drainage composite is installed on top of the neoprene waterproofing. The perforated bronze standpipe is surrounded by gravel fill and the height corresponds with the depth of the planter box. The perforated standpipe can be wrapped in stainless steel mesh in the event gravel fill is not used to prevent the holes from becoming clogged with soil and other debris.

QUAD SEAL (Fig. No. 2692):

As earlier published, Smith has successfully obtained the IAPMO and ASSE Listings for the Quad Close Seal Trap Device. We are still receiving calls stating that Pro-Set’s Trap Guard states they are ASSE certified. This is not correct as there are only two manufacturers listed with ASSE. Please see the attached Product Listing for the ASSE Standard 1072 from ASSE’s website. Pro-Set states under approvals; ASSE – Report. However, there are items in their report listed as ‘Not-Evaluated’ which means this is not a complete report. The Quad Seal was tested to and passed all parts of the ASSE 1072 Standard.

The 2692 Quad Seal submittal can be seen in the original newsletter.

Another item to be aware of is the use of certain words/terms. IAPMO and ASSE list products as having been tested by a certified third party testing laboratory with successful passing all related requirements whether it is performance test and/or material related. Manufacturers should not use words such as approved, endorsed and so forth when it comes to groups such as IAPMO and ASSE. They do not approve or endorse products but rather list products that meet certain criteria such as a product standard.

Download the original newsletter here: Vol. 2, Issue 8: SQ-2-4614 Special Planter Drain Application