Sediment/Sand Interceptor with an Integral Oil Storage Compartment - Figure Number 8818

by JRSBlogWriterJune 3, 2012
This is the basic 8817 Sediment/Sand Interceptor but provided with an integral oil storage compartment. The 8818 was formerly SQ-8-4260. This creates a unique unit as figure number 8817 was being used in applications not only to intercept sand/sediment but where oil was also present in the waste water. A separate compartment was needed for storage of the oil in these applications so the integral oil storage compartment was added.

The oil is skimmed off the surface of the liquid via the standard draw-off assembly into the integral storage compartment where the oil can be removed and disposed. The capacity of the compartment in gallons is listed on the submittal.

Vent connections are provided at seven locations and it is the responsibility of the installer to vent according  to local code requirements and to provide a plug for unused connections.

Please refer to figure number 8818 submittal drawing located in the original newsletter.


The draw-off assembly is adjustable by loosening the lock nut and moving the brass tube up or down. When the interceptor is completely installed, establish the operating water line by running water through the interceptor at a maximum flow rate. Determine and mark this operating water line and adjust the tubing 1/8” above this line. Adjustment should be checked after the interceptor is in operation. If water is present in oil removed through the gravity draw-off, the adjustable brass tube should be raised slightly until no water is present. The adjustment is simple and straightforward to perform.

Download original newsletter here: Vol. 2, Issue 5: 8818 Sediment/Sand Interceptor with an Integral Oil Storage Compartment