SQ-9-4416, SQ-7-2355, SQ-9-4104 & SQ-1-4574

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 7, 2012
SQ-9-4416: This item provides a protective cover for a fresh air inlet piping at the exterior wall.

SQ-7-2355: The BWV is fabricated to fit into an existing sewer line and can be provided in stainless steel.

SQ-9-4104: This drain is used in a floating floor application. This particular assembly uses a figure number 2110 for the upper body.

SQ-1-4574: This design was requested by an architect. This is an overflow drain but the figure number 1080 style was not desired. A square drain with a flat grate was specified.


Specific gravity is the measure of density. Determining the specific gravity of an object can tell you much about it, like whether it will float or sink in water.

Anything with a specific gravity less than ‘1’ will float in water. Because specific gravity is temperature dependent, the specific gravity of ice is less than that of the liquid water. This makes ice float.

Grease (FOG) has a specific gravity less than ‘1’. Therefore, the reason it will float in the water. Grease will float whether it is in a liquid state or a solid state. In both conditions, the specific gravity is less than ‘1’.

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