Product Alert: SQ-7-4495, SQ-1-4571, SQ-8-4569 & SQ-1-4495BS

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 7, 2012
SQs are created from several sources.  Often, we receive details from architects and engineers inquiring as to the feasibility of their special design. Other times, we receive details and are asked to provide a product equal based on the detail. We will review the detail and determine what can be done to provide the item or close enough to be acceptable with the design professional.  Such is the case of  SQ-7-4495.  The overall scope of the detail is shown on sheet A-2. The specific area of concern is enlarged on sheet A-3. As you see, the SQ was created slightly different than the detail but acceptable. In this case the architect utilized the Backwater Valve to prevent backflow into the manhole.

SQ-1-4571: Architect requested a two stage drain (Sht. A-4) to receive pavers in a deck area for a high end residence.

SQ-8-4569: A specification was received for this unit with specific information such as inlet/outlet sizes, gallons capacity, and the cubic capacity required for the inlet and outlet compartments. This unit (Sht. A-5) was to be installed outside and basically is large enough to hold a large volume  of grease.

SQ-1-4235BS: This drain is a DX1250 modified to correct a situation where a rubber sheet of water proofing membrane was installed on the surface. The owner provided this detail indicating his preference for mounting the grate with three securing screws.


There are numerous requests received for Special Quotes (SQs). Each SQ is evaluated and it is determined whether it will be given an SQ number or a figure number. Many of the SQ requests never materialize or are a minimal or one item order. The SQs are monitored and if usage becomes significant, then it is converted to a figure number. In the evaluation stage, if the SQ equals a competitor’s figure number, then it is assigned a figure number.

The SQ number is identified by the prefix SQ. The single digit number identifies the category of product and the four digit number is the identification number which is chronically maintained as SQs are assigned.

Example: SQ-1-4571
1 denotes the roof drain category and 4571 is the four thousand, five hundred and seventy first chorological SQ number.

Download the original newsletter here: Vol. 2, Issue 2: SQ-7-4495, SQ-1-4571, SQ-8-4569 and SQ-1-4495BS Product Alert