8600 Series Ultracept® Product Alert

by JRSBlogWriterOctober 20, 2011

The Ultracept® oil/water separator provides high separation efficiency without high maintenance coalescing packs. The design is simple but reliable. It is a multi-stage, continuous skimming pattern. It uses water as a carrier which enables sheens of oil to be skimmed along with mechanically emulsified oil and water. The oils and the carrier skimming water are conveyed to a quiescent, off-line compartment where the skimming water is automatically decanted back to the sump and the oil and mechanical emulsions are given extended detention time for effective separation.

These units are available in stainless steel or mild steel and are available in 2, 5, 10, 25 & 45 GPM sizes.

Additionally information is available on the website or you may contact Sales Engineering for additional assistance.

On the following page are photos of two 45 GPM units recently installed on a project site near Atlanta, GA. The units are stainless steel creating an aesthetically nice appearance along with providing durability and longevity. Please refer to the accompanying submittal drawings (8600-Series 1 & 8600 Series 2).


Recently the question was asked by an architect concerning which material should be specified on floor drains in a finished area. He had wanted to specify nickel bronze but was told it would not embrace foot traffic because it was a coating. This could not be further from the facts. Nickel bronze is ideal for areas subjected to the abrasive polishing action of shoe (foot) and other traffic. Nickel bronze is not a coating but a solid cast metal of added strength which is regularly furnished with a permanent silvery satin finish blending in with most décor. The buffing action of foot traffic actually helps it maintain and increase its lustre.

Metals are classified on a noble scale of least noble (anodic) to the most protected  (cathodic). Ni ckel bronze is towards the protected end (most noble) side of the scale.

Download the original newsletter and attachments here: Vol. 1, Issue 11: 8600 Series Ultracept® Product Alert