1775 Special Purpose Downspout Cover Product Alert

by JRSBlogWriterMay 15, 2011
The 1775 is used as a downspout cover/nozzle for rainwater leaders discharging water from  roof drains to the ground or sidewalk and located near the base of the building wall. This item is unique although it does not have the traditional tongue common with the other downspout nozzles. It is made entirely from type 304 stainless steel and features a hinged perforated cover. It has four 3/8” diameter holes for attaching to  the  building structure. The hinged cover prevents birds from building nests in the opening and prevents vermin from entering into the rainwater leader. For minimal/light flows the rainwater will flow through the perforated holes but during heavy flows the hinged cover will  open. It is available from 1½” to 15” diameter pipe sizes. Please refer to the attached submittal and Smith’s website for additional information.


In the event you have any product or quality issues, you may contact one of several persons for assistance. Attached is page seven from the 2011 Smith directory. You will see a product family listed at each Sales Engineer. If that particular engineer is not available, any of the group can assist you as all are well-informed with all Smith products. For assistance with Trench Drainage systems, contact Pace Josey, Senior Sales Engineer, at ext. 225, pace.josey@jrsmith.com.

Don Priester is the Quality Control Manager but Jerry McDanal and Steve Chromey may also be contacted for quality issues.

Download the original newsletter and attachments here: Vol. 1, Issue 6: 1775 Special Purpose Downspout Cover Product Alert