SQ-2-945 Cast Iron Drain Product Alert

by JRSBlogWriterApril 20, 2011

This drain was provided for installation in the rail tracks at the platform area of a rapid transit station. It  drains  rainwater either blown into the station or rainwater dripping off of the passenger cars. It is located in the center of the tracks and completely surrounded by ballast stone. The clamping collar secures the water- proofing membrane. The perforated standpipe allows drainage while retaining the ballast stone and is threaded into a solid cover. The overall height could not exceed 5” keeping it below the rail elevation. The body and clamping collar is cast iron for longevity and durability. Please refer to the attached submittal.

0800 & 0700 Lavatory Supports:

When recommending  lavatory supports always evaluate the installation. Liability is a prime concern. Anytime you have a healthcare facility or an installation where persons in wheelchairs will be using the lavatory, always specify the 0700  concealed arm support.

Figure 0800 is a hanger plate type support where the fixture manufacturer provides a hanger plate that is bolted through the wall to the support plate attached to the uprights. The lavatory is then seated in the hanger plate.  The 0800 is rated at 200 lbs. per the national standard.

Figure 0700 utilizes concealed arms attached to the support uprights. The lavatory is pre- drilled and slides onto the arms which then lock inside the fixture. It is rated at 250 lbs. and provides less risk of being bumped or pulled away from the wall.

Download the original newsletter and submittal here: Vol. 1, Issue 4: SQ-2-945 Cast Iron Drain Product Alert