SQ-2-3591-8 Special Railway Drain Product Alert

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 20, 2011

This specialty product was designed for a railway tunnel project. A n 8" PVC drainage pipe was routed between the rails just deep enough to be below the perpendicular support members. The invert of the pipe could be no deeper because of embedded rock. This piping was to be used for surface drainage between the rails. Since the 8” pipe was very shallow (8 -¼" from the surface to the centerline of the buried piping), a drain was needed to mount over the pipe remaining shallow enough to be installed flush with  the tunnel surface.

Smith  Engineering  designed  a  24"  (inch)  square  drain  fabricated from 11 gauge steel with heavy duty cast iron grates. The drain body, grates  and  all   components  were  galvanized  cold  coated.  Four anchor  tabs with punched  holes  (for the insertion of  the rebar) and set screws were  provided to secure the rebar. The outlet of the drain was designed with a 4-5/16" radius to mount on top of the pipe and dimensioned   accordingly   to   be   installed   flush   with   the   tunnel (drainage)  surface.  The  PVC  pipe  was  cut where  th e  drain  body mates with the pipe and a sealant applied for sealing purposes.

The unique features of this drain met the unusual requirements dictated by the design constraints associated with the track construction. The SQ -2-3591-8 was a viable solution for this application.


Whenever  an interceptor is to be installed suspended in a floor slab independently or  with a cradle, proper support is essential for safety & functional integrity of the installation. The support system shall be of sufficient strength and proper design for the purpose intended and shall be approved by the architect and structural engineer. Smith is not responsible for the design or recommendations  of such supports. Upon request, Smith will provide the weight of the specific unit. Additional weight must be added to compensate for the weight of the grease/liquid when full and when functioning.  This also applies to units with partial and fully enclosed cradles. The optional flange provided on units & cradles are for positioning in the concrete slab. Use of a structural support system is mandatory.

Download the original newsletter and submittal here: Vol. 1, Issue 3: SQ-2-3591-8 Special Railway Drain Product Alert