Dual Downspout Nozzles

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 21, 2011

In this application there was no underground storm water piping so all downspouts/leaders had to be discharged through the exterior building wall to the ground/sidewalk. The local code required a secondary/emergency overflow drain for each primary drain. The building owner required all primary and secondary drainage to be identified and located next to one another. In order to meet this special application, two downspout nozzles were mounted on a common plate with their function identified. The wall plate created an aesthetically pleasing appearance while providing a practical and functional installation. The wall plate was fabricated from stainless steel plate and mounted to the building  wall for a permanent installation with separate connections for both the primary and secondary systems.

In applications where the primary drainage is connected to the underground storm water system, a single nozzle can be mounted on a wall plate with the secondary/emergency drainage identified.

Figure Number 8905

Rice Interceptor may have a preference in the Inter- national Market but there are applications domestically for this type of unit. This does not eliminate the requirement of a grease inter- ceptor, but places it at locations where it is necessary to collect solids from various vegetable prep- aration areas. The design features removable perforated stainless steel primary sediment baskets and a re- movable perforated stainless steel secondary sediment tray. The sediment tray will capture the smaller solids that pass through the sediment baskets because the per- forations are smaller. The body is fabricated from steel and is coated with gray duco. Do not let the name mislead you as it can be used in other applications. Please refer to the attached 8905 submittal drawing.

Download the original newsletter and submittal here: Vol. 1, Issue 2: Dual Downspout Nozzles

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