SQ-9-3690-24A Vandal Proof Stainless Steel Shower Drain

by JRSBlogWriterJanuary 21, 2011

The SQ-9-3690-24A was designed to be used as a threshold for shower stall applications and required to have an ADA compliance vandal proof stainless steel perforated inlay grate. The stainless steel body is supplied with a flashing flange and flashing clamp. By utilizing a flashing flange and clamp, it can be  installed in multi-story applications. The bottom is sloped and supplied with a threaded outlet. These are being installed in the psychiatric ward at a large hospital.

2692 Quad Seal Device

The Quad Seal creates a watertight seal inside the drain outlet or the throat of the strainer head. It opens during flow and closes when there is no flow. In a closed position, it prevents the emission of sewer gas and minimizes the evaporation of the trap.

Download the original newsletter and submittal here: Vol. 1, Issue 1: SQ-9-3690-24A Vandal Proof Stainless Steel Shower Drain