6" Wide 'Pre-Sloped' Polymer Concrete Trench Drain System - Slope®
6" Wide 'Pre-Sloped' Polymer Concrete Trench Drain System - Slope®6" Wide 'Pre-Sloped' Polymer Concrete Trench Drain System - Slope®
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6" Wide 'Pre-Sloped' Polymer Concrete Trench Drain System - Slope®

Figure Number:  9814
Product Function:
Precision molded from durable polymer concrete, 9814 Channel Slope® System is the workhorse of the line. This precast system can be configured to accommodate a wide range of applications and site requirements. Installation is quick and precise as the precast channels are joined via positive, interlocking tongue and groove ends. This reduces installation time and related costs. The latest design has been engineered to provide the one meter length channels with improved security, reinforcement and flexibility for installation. Anchor ribs on the outside channel walls offer security against upward movement or shifting after installation. Inside the channel, reinforced locking areas protect against liquid buildup in surrounding concrete. A locking bar securely holds the cover grate in place. Design flexibility is enhanced due to vertical 4" round or 6" flume knockouts (all channels) and side knockouts to accept channels (half meter). These knockouts provide a wide range of vertical and horizontal evacuation points for on-site versatility during installation. The system's 30 channels employ a built in 0.6% slope and radiused bottom. Neutral channels and wall extensions are available in full and half meter sizes to lengthen the system. Up to 200 feet of continuously sloped channel can be achieved by utilizing Side Wall extensions.

Regularly Furnished:
1 Meter (3.28') Precast Polyester Concrete Channel of Interlocking Design with a Built-in Slope of .6% with Radiused Bottom. Supplied with Secured Grate as per Specification.
Product Details
  • Product Type:  Drainage System
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  • Closing End Cap
  • Horizontal Outlet 4"
  • Horizontal Outlet 6" -H6
  • Dome Strainer 4" size only
  • Channel Chair
  • Catch Basin Only 9860
  • Catch Basin Bucket, available catch basin only 9860
  • Catch Basin Bucket, available catch basin only 9864
  • Catch Basin only 9864
  • Double Arrow